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2 3/8′′ API Drill Pipe

drill pipe
PIC-(2 3/8′′ API Drill Pipe)
  2 3/8′′ API Drill Pipe

  Length: 1000~6000mm

  Material: Alloy Steel

  Wall Thickness: 5.5~6.5mm

  Weight: 17~100kg

  Trademark: Shengtian

  Specification: Dia: 2 3/8′′-5 1/2′′

  Certification: SGS ISO9001

  Usage: Well Drilling, Ore Mining

  Wrench Flat: 57~75mm

  Diameter: 76~102mm

  Application: Minging/Drilling

  Transport Package: Packed in Seaworthy Carton for Export

  Origin: China

  General Introduction:

  DTH drill rods (also called as drill tubes or drill pipes) are the mechanism to transmit impact force and rotation torque to DTH hammers and bits, as well as offer pass for the air flow.

  In principle, the lighter the rod is, the better it is for the drilling operation. So a thinner one is always preferable than a thicker one if other parameters were the same. While in the mean time, the yield strength and the tensile strength must also be taken into accounts, which means relatively rod wall thickness would be needed to obtain enough strength. Of course, once the thickness is rigidly requested as thin as possible to minimize the drill string weight, there is also another method to get optimum drill tubes that using better grade steels.

  Acedrills has DTH drill rods with several different thickness designs for each diameter, made from different grade steels for selection. So, in practice of field drilling, under different condition, there may be in need of different kinds of drill rods for particular application. For example, the thicker ones with general high quality grade steel for drilling hole of average depth, such as blasting holes; and the thinner ones with better grade steel for drilling hole of very deep, such as drilling for ground thermal. Moreover, Acedrills' DTH drill rods are also well heat-treated, precision manufactured, and friction-welded.

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