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X95 Drill Pipe

PIC-(X95 Drill Pipe)

  Poduct Name:X95 Drill Pipe

  Outer Diameter : 2 3/8 to 5 1/2 of labels 1 or 60.32mm to 139.7mm

  Grade : E75, X95, G105, S135

  Place of origin : China

  Certificate: API 5DP API Q1,ISO9001

  OD: 2 3/8 to 5 1/2 of labels 1 or 60.32mm to 139.7mm

  Grade: E75, X95, G105, S135

  Standard : API 7, API 7-1 and SY/T standards.

  Material : AISI 4145 H .

  Types:drill pipes anddrill collars

  Size : OD : 3 1/8”---11”, Length : 10’---31’


  The drill collars are made of modified AISI 4145H chromium molybdenum alloy steel. These drill collar bars are full-length heat treated and water quenched to obtain ASTM A-370 mechanical properties. Full mechanical and chemical mill test certifications are supplied with all drill collars. These mill test certifications guarantee a hardness range of 285 to 341 BHN and an impact value of 40 ft.-lbs. at room temperature one inch below the surface.

  Usage : One of the most important components of the drill string is to provide drilling bit ofpressure and the drill string rigid role.

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