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BP Oil Pipe Cap Design

2014-02-26 14:37:12   COMMENT:0 HITS:
Attached are conceptual drawings of a cap assembly for the BP Gulf Oil Leak.  I am submitting for an open engineering review with the hope that it will generate ideas for an improved cap design that can stop the oil leak without waiting for months. I always believe in peer review of design ideas. Given the harsh conditions of a 5000ft deep operation I am sure improvements may be possible to this design.  The basic idea is to incorporate the existing flange assembly in the containtment design as the pipe segment above the existing flange is badly mangled and effectively does not make much of a platform to build on a cap. So the idea is to build an enclosure around the existing flange assembly using combination of custom cast or machined enclosure with an hinged bottom flange cap sealed together with various custom gaskets which will expand when the flange bottom cap and the upper enclsure are mated together. I put bolts as connectors, however I am skeptical of assembling bolts at 5000ft deep. May be some set of clamps to hold the two pieces together may be more practical and easier to unassemble if needed. Always available to discuss the idea further. I hope it will do some good out there. ..Tuncer Uysal

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