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New Range of Pipe End Caps Available From FT Pipeline Systems

2014-02-26 14:33:22   COMMENT:0 HITS:
FT Pipeline Systems, a leading supplier of steel pipes to the UK
construction industry, is looking to highlight the latest range of pipe
end caps now available through the new FT Pipeline Systems website.
    Missing or damaged pipe end caps are a frequent occurrence on building
sites that can lead to a number of potential problems. With this in mind,
FT Pipeline Systems has developed its own type of unique pipe end caps
that are as effective for its customers as possible, made from woven
polypropylene with a rubber closure band. This material was chosen as it
is the most cost-effective, lightweight, easily portable and durable
material to use for pipe end caps.
    End caps are important in keeping pipes clear from surrounding material
during the construction process. This ensures pipe networks remain clear
as the network begins to take shape, reducing the requirement for
additional cleaning or maintenance whilst being constructed. FT Pipeline
Systems' end caps are currently available for pipe sizes between 80mm -
1400mm diameter.
    Duncan Frazer, managing director of FT Pipeline Systems, said: "We have
created end caps from the most suitable, sustainable materials possible
to ensure the likelihood of potential damage to the end caps is reduced
as much as possible.
    "Alongside the extensive range of piping and pipe accessories already
available through our website, pipe end caps are a great addition to
ensure we can offer our customers the numerous equipment and accessories
required for their pipeline projects."

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