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What is a high pressure elbow?

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  In the construction project of large-diameter elbow, there is no need to use the tube blank as the material, which can save the cost of pipe making equipment and Mengcun pipe fitting mold. The blank for processing large-diameter elbow is flat or developable curved surface, so the blanking is rough, the accuracy is easy to guarantee, the assembly and welding are convenient, the material is light and easy to be controlled during the processing, the bucket strength is rough, there is no complicated process, and the bucket strength is easy to be welded and assembled Profit.

  For the convenience of welding, the carbon steel elbow is the same as the steel grade of the connected pipe. The technical threshold of carbon steel elbow is very high, and it mainly depends on import at present. From the company's technical sources, the elbow is more likely to succeed. These technical bottlenecks will restrict the long-term profitability of the whole industry and the ability to participate in international competition. The thermoplastic resin is characterized by softening with the increase of temperature and hardening after cooling, and this process can be repeated many times. 45 degree elbow is suitable for oil, natural gas, chemical industry, hydropower, construction, boiler and other industries.

  Purpose and installation purpose of 45 degree elbow: 45 degree elbow is used for the connection of pipe bends. Two pipes with the same nominal diameter are connected to make the pipe turn at an angle. 45 degree elbow is divided into 45 degree elbow, cast steel elbow, alloy steel elbow, stainless steel elbow, copper elbow, aluminum alloy elbow, etc. 45 degree elbow is a common connection pipe fitting used in pipe installation for the connection of pipe bends.

  Other names The basic process of 90 degree elbow, right angle elbow, aierwan and other 45 degree elbow is: firstly, Seamless Butt Welding Pipe Fitting A234 Steel Elbow weld a multi edge ring shell with polygonal cross-section or a multi edge fan-shaped shell with two ends closed. After the inner part is filled with pressure medium, apply internal pressure. Under the internal pressure, the cross-section changes from polygon to circle gradually, * finally becomes a circular ring shell. According to the needs, a circular ring shell can be cut into 4 90 degree elbows or 6 60 ° elbow or other elbows. This process is suitable for manufacturing any large elbow with the ratio of the elbow's pitch diameter to the elbow's inner diameter greater than 1.5. It is an ideal method for manufacturing large 45 ° elbow at present

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