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Connection of the Pipe Elbow

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  The Pipe Elbow tempering can be divided into high temperature tempering, the tempering temperature and low temperature tempering.

  Pipe Elbow tempering than quenching, normalizing use cooperatively.Take the hot-pressing elbow which has quenching of heated to a certain temperature, then cooling become tempering in a certain way. Its purpose is to eliminate the quenching of internal stress, reduce the hardness and brittleness, to achieve the desired mechanical properties.Pipe Elbow butt welding for DN50 or more and same material welding, open solder groove elbow pipe fittings at both ends.

  Due to its good sealing performance and strength, quality, corrosion resistance, etc, and the price cheap, compared with several other connection methods, thus is widely used in high pressure temperature rating of piping systems.

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