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There is a general lack of innovation in carbon steel pipe cap enterprises

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  Not paying attention to learning related management knowledge and personnel training, weak learning consciousness, backward concept, lack of core competitiveness. Sch40 Carbon Steel Pipe Cap enterprise mistakenly put the machinery industry to operate as a labor-intensive industry, relying on cheap labor to maintain business, and the new technology, new material, new equipment, the application of new tools is not enough attention, not to keep pace with The Times, the competitiveness of enterprises gradually decline.

  Many business ideas have remained unchanged for more than 20 years, so a series of problems, such as chaotic management, low production efficiency, high material consumption, large Numbers of people, and high production costs, have all piled up. In terms of domestic most of the carbon steel machinery enterprises, although most of the members are private enterprises, private or public companies, but the enterprise's business model has not show due HuoFan, pattern once formed, it is easy to stick to the rules.

  It is understood that the export carbon steel products are directly generated by carbon steel pipe cup, the production process and product structure are very simple, and the production cost structure is also extremely transparent. At the same time, the carbon steel pipe cap product similarity between enterprises is extremely high, and even many companies produce the same products, resulting in between enterprises and enterprises for customers, get orders and heavy discounting, into a vicious cycle. The innovation consciousness is not strong, it is easy to appear in the same machine, using the same machine, the production of the same product. Experts point out that China's exports of carbon steel products "homogenization" phenomenon, so that the original low profits are still falling.

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