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Carbon Steel Forged Flanges

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  1/2" through 108", 150 lbs. to 2500 lbs.

  Slip-on flanges, lap joints, weld necks, socket weld, threaded, blind, reducing, and orifice sets (complete).

  A105, A105N, A350-LF2, F5, F9, F11, 4130, and other grades and alloys available upon request.

  All schedules, special bores, and facing. Galvanized flanges available. Flanges can be normalized upon request.

  Material will meet the relevant specifications.

  Hebei Shengtian is specialized in manufacturing and  Forged fitting and buttwelded pipe fittings. In additation to the standard products mentioned above, we are also able to make non-standard, special-designed items according to customers’ requirement. Should any of the items be of your interests。

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