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Flange of the certification

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  My company(Hebei Shengtian Pipe-Fitting Group Co) has the advanced production equipment and various testing equipment, the production equipment including size each lathe, forging bed, to enlarge the hole machine etc, testing equipment and testing room Germany import spectrometer, laboratory. The products of the company according to gb, Japanese standard, Germany standard, American standard, British standard standard production, etc.

  Our Flange department has been acknowledged for our technology and quality products from clients all over the world and in particular, we've acquired internationally certified quality guarantees from numerous associations of authority including Shell international petroleum, Exxon, USCG, Lloyd's register of shipping and ARAMCO while we manufacture various kinds of flanges including carbon steel, non-steel, and others. We are mainly equipped with the nation's biggest 12,500 ton forging press, Air drop hammer, CNC maching center, other numerous computerized machine facilities and robot manufacturing system

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