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Flange installation instructions

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  As the mainstay of our business, we(hebei Shengtian )are dedicated to providing our customers with all possible options of flanges in a wide variety of steel, chrome, and nickel alloys. We stock many different varieties in order to meet your day-to-day needs, and can also compete extremely competitively on stock deliveries for your warehouse needs.

  Flange Management is an expert in flange joints. Our extensive technical knowledge helps us understand exactly what is needed to make a durable and reliable installation or construction.

  Flanged connections are in installations and constructions such as pipelines and oil platforms or cranes to wind turbines. To fit flange joints in a proper way a lot of knowledge and expertise is needed. From the design table to control flange connections, special procedures are required to maintain a certain quality. Flange Management has the knowledge to support this.

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