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Why fittings abroad is growing so fast

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  the pipe fittings are familiar with us, in our daily lives we can often come into contact with, the use of a very large range of pipe fittings, but in some poor country embodied in Japan, either samples or the information, many types of pipe fittings, all kinds of . If the next pipe to give a definition, I think all the pipe through the deep processing products should belong to the scope fittings. Japan does. Since then the pipe is the pipe through the deep processing of raw material into a product, so that the product has the dual characteristics of pipes and mechanical parts, is a combination of the two. Pipe fittings is necessary raw material, but the processing method for a pipe member of many, as long as the machining method, it can be applied.

  Why fittings abroad is growing so fast, I think there are two more prominent advantages: first, can replace part of machined products, but lighter than machined parts, castings, forged structural parts by weight, save material; the second is more than machining product saving process time and reduce the cost of the work piece. Japanese data presentation materials sector rod machining method done more of a truck with a pipe method, the same materials used in product weight weight is different, machining method is 10.35kg, but with the tube is used to do this part 9.32kg, saving materials; machining of parts is priced at 240 yen, with fittings if the unit price of 140 yen. So fittings great advantage in terms of price law, nearly 50% lower. From a performance perspective, tube method is superior to mechanical processing method.

  hebei Shengtian  is engaged in the production and service parts supply, we have the ability to produce all kinds of pipe fittings.Our main products are elbow, T-shirt, bend, reducer, cap, flange and socket.We've been in this line for about 20 years.Our products are exported to many countries and regions in southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.Our products enjoy good reputation both at home and abroad market.

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